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Specializing in customized stationery from occasional invites to business cards, UpperCase Designs is where sleek and sophistication meet. Whether it’s a wedding or a thank you, special dates to everyday, let me make every moment count with customized invitations, note cards, announcements, photocards, and professional stationery fit to your specific needs.



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Wedding Day Stationery List Guide

Kelly Henry

Wedding Day Stationery List Guide // Uppercase Designs

When couples are planning their wedding, invitations are the focus of the paper goods discussion, but don’t forget about your day-of items! Your wedding day stationery will serve as a vital part of your wedding day aesthetic, not to mention all the important information these items will provide your guests. From programs to favor tags, I have compiled a list of all the wedding stationery you will need for your big day.


Programs are informative and give guests an idea of what to expect throughout the ceremony. Guests enjoy reading up on your ceremonial details while waiting for the event to begin. This essential paper good details the names of the bridal party, readings, a listing of music, poems, a note of thanks to the guests, and, if desired a memorial. If your wedding is traditional or formal, you may prefer to stick to the basic elements of a program, though you can get really creative with this piece.

Escort Cards or Seating Chart

Usually positioned near the entrance of the reception location, escort cards feature guests’ names and corresponding table numbers, so they know which table they will be sitting at during the reception. If you wish to forgo escort cards altogether, a seating chart is another option I offer. Seating charts detail each guest’s name and table assignment on a sizable stylish sign that would be positioned in an easily accessible area at the reception.

Table Numbers

Once guests determine their table assignment from either an escort card or a seating chart, table numbers make it easy for guests to locate their designated table at the reception. You may opt to keep it simple with classic number assignments or incorporate a logo or symbol of special significance to you and your partner.

Place Cards

Place cards are used when seating arrangements are assigned at the reception. Place cards are an ideal choice for formal weddings when plated dinners will be served according to the guest’s meal choice, which is also often noted on the place card in some fashion. I recommend using place cards in conjunction with escort cards or a seating chart.

Dinner Menu

Whether you are serving a buffet-style meal or a seated dinner, guests appreciate you sharing the specifics of the dinner that will be served at your reception. Even when guests pre-select their meal choice, it’s not uncommon for them to forget which meal option they decided on months beforehand. Menus can be provided to each individual guest, each table, or a positioned at each buffet station.


Decorative wedding signs may be used in multiple different ways throughout your big day.

Drink Sign

Much like the dinner menus, guests typically want to know what libations are on the drink menu. Position two framed drink menus at either end of the bar to include either the alcohol options available or feature the signature cocktail names and details.

Welcome Sign

A welcome sign is a beautiful way to greet guests as they arrive at your ceremony and reception. Welcome signs often feature the couple’s names, wedding date, and a welcoming greeting.

Hashtag Sign

Creating a unique wedding hashtag and displaying it to your guests is a great way to get them involved in capturing the excitement of your wedding and sharing it on social media where you can look back and enjoy reliving your special day. Feature your wedding hashtag on a sign near the guest book or welcome sign and around the bar areas where guests are sure to notice it while they mingle.

Favor Tags

Make your wedding favors stand out with personalized favor tags that feature the names of the couple, the wedding date, and a note of thanks or an adorable pun that reflects the favor. Little details such as this make all the difference to your guests.

While everyone’s wedding will be unique in its own way, carefully coordinated wedding day stationery will delight guests with its designs and details, while keeping them informed throughout your wedding day events.

Wedding Invitation Etiquette

Kelly Henry

Wedding Invitation // Uppercase Designs

A great deal of etiquette is involved with all aspects of your wedding and that includes creating your wedding invitations. From when to send your invitations to the information that should be included, I have detailed all you need to know before sending out your save-the-dates and wedding invitations.

When to Send Invitations

I recommend couples send their save-the-dates at least 6-7 months before the wedding. Some may opt to send their save-the-dates even earlier since there’s no such thing as too much notice. Wedding invitations should be mailed to guests about 2 months in advance. If your wedding is taking place on a holiday weekend, consider sending out your invitations even further in advance to allow guests plenty of time to make plans and secure accommodations.

RSVP Deadline

The RSVP deadline for your guests should fall about 3-4 weeks prior to your wedding date. To avoid guests missing this important detail, I recommend making the date clear and prominent on the invitation. You may inevitably end up calling a few people who didn’t RSVP on time, but to ensure that as many guests RSVP as possible, always include a stamp on each RSVP envelope.

The Registry Rule

Registry information should never be listed on your save-the-date or invitation. Keep the focus away from gifts and instead direct your guests to your wedding website where you can provide them with all the need-to-know information, including where you are registered. I should mention one special caveat: bridal shower invitations. It’s perfectly acceptable to include your registry information on bridal shower invitations as the point of the event is to shower the bride with gifts.

Important Information to Include

The style and details of wedding invitations will vary from one couple to the next, but there are some things that remain constant. Basic information to include on all wedding includes the full names of the couple. The addition of the of parents names or those hosting the event is optional. Your invitations also need to detail the location and date of the wedding, in addition to RSVP information and accommodations.

You might be wondering how many pieces of paper you need to include in your invitation suite. The wedding invitation itself is imperative along with the RSVP card (unless you plan to have guests RSVP online). If your reception is being held in a separate location you may want to include a reception card. Finally, the directions and accommodations cards will also contain information your guests need to know. Some couples may opt to add a weekend itinerary, though this is information you can include on your wedding website if desired.

November 2018 Desktop and Mobile Calendar Wallpaper

Kelly Henry

Uppercase Designs November 2018 Wallpaper

It's time to grab your FREE desktop and mobile wallpaper for November with and without calendar. 

Uppercase Designs November 2018 Wallpaper
Uppercase Designs November 2018 Wallpaper

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